I’m Robert, and I am interested in the intersectionality of math, visualization, and life. I write about some of those things here, and about tutoring.

– Robert Paul Chase


what clients say

"Robert is a fantastic mentor for anyone looking to improve their programming or data science skills. I reached out about a year ago and he’s been my go-to advisor ever since. Before hiring Robert I had purchased courses or done tutorials but inevitably got stuck with questions or struggled translating the learnings into practical applications for my business.

Together we worked on a number of projects ranging from custom parsing modules to predictive linear regression models and are skills I now use every day. Not only did we work on technical skill, but his advice regarding best practices for application structure or factoring code represent the type of hands-on coaching that simply can’t be learned from doing self-study courses alone. Robert is an SME, yes, but also has a classic teaching style that I appreciate. He would often quiz me during our sessions to make sure I understood a concept or function rather than just telling me an answer. I hope to continue working with Robert in the future and would highly recommend."


I graduated in 2008 with a masters degree in Mathematics, and my skill set was helpful in an academic space. I spent several years assisting students, and sharing what I knew about math. After a while, I felt that I could help the community more by stepping into the professional world, so I worked towards assisting people with computer programming. I specialize in mathematical visualization, geometry, and differential equations. I like the connections between numbers and space.

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